Bralin Perdoma

Success Stories: Bralin

I first met fifteen-year old Bralin Perdoma when he came running into the Castro house wearing his colorful soccer uniform. He had super curly brown hair and bright shiny eyes. He was grinning from ear to ear, and I thought about the world he was missing out on by not being able to hear or … Read more


Success Stories: Frank

Six months after my son Carlos Thomas (who was called “Tom” growing up in the U.S. and as “Carlos” in Honduras) went back to Honduras, he moved in with the Rubio family. Rixa, Frank’s aunt, was definitely the matriarch and everyone knew it. She supported the entire family by cleaning streets and passing out small … Read more

A Memory of 33 Years Ago

Hi Friends, I’ve been reflecting back on my first trip to Honduras with a well-worn crumpled photo in my hands.  It’s been almost 33 years ago to the day.I had been on a search for the two years prior, to find a child to adopt.  I found him in the form of a lively, engaging … Read more

Two New Students

My new website is up and running, It still has a few kinks but we’re working them out. As I mentioned in my last post, we recently sponsored two new students in the most dangerous city in the world, San Pedro Sula, which is located in the most dangerous country on the planet. It … Read more

Updates on San Pedro Sula

I’m currently putting the final touches on my website, The foundation helps children in Honduras gain an education and couldn’t be more timely as it was reported in the July 29th issue of Time magazine that Honduran children are leaving Honduras by the thousands and heading North due to poverty, gang violence, and a lack … Read more

Sorry I’m so late in posting!

Hi Everyone! I was dropped off at a Honduran Family, the Ciliazars, where I will be staying for the next two nights. The cab drove into the neighborhood still all full of ruts and ridges. I have this picture locked permanently in my brain as we passed a huge garbage dump pickup area and I … Read more

Lots of Guitars and Drums at Church

Hi Everyone, Yesterday was Sunday. The group took a bus to a quaint little town called Via de Angeles. The weather has been unseasonably cold. That’s right I said “COLD”. I was so counting on heat. Oh well. For the most part it’s been pretty pleasant but none of us brought enough long shirts and … Read more

Honduras 2013!!

Hi everyone, Arrived in Houston last night, stayed over and caught the plane to Honduras at 9 am. Had a rough landing as they had high winds. It was such a choppy , frightening landing that everyone applauded the piolet after we landed! Had lunch in the offices of AjS, association for a more just … Read more

December 14, 2011

Hi Everyone, I know I am writing a lot.  But I have the time and the opportunity and it gives me a chance to document my experiences down here.  You are welcome to delete them or just skim through them!  Last Thursday at the ward the Relief Society had planned a sort of sub for … Read more

December 12, 2011

Hi everyone, i am down to the last leg of my trip. I leave on Thursday for a long grueling day of travel!! I can’t even imagine what the cold is going to feel like. Some days it sounds pretty good to me. I can imagine that you are all trying to stay one step … Read more