December 12, 2011

Hi everyone, i am down to the last leg of my trip. I leave on Thursday for a long grueling day of travel!! I can’t even imagine what the cold is going to feel like. Some days it sounds pretty good to me. I can imagine that you are all trying to stay one step ahead of the Christmas madness. You don’t feel that urgency down here. People have artificial trees but they put them up in November. There may be a few gifts, but usually it is something to wear. They do make a big deal over the food. Already they are talking about the “‘”tamales” they are going to make and the it other food. It does sound kind of fun. (if you like partying all night of the 24th and sleeping all day on Christmas). This past Saturday was tom’s story time. It started out a disaster but ended up great. Both the bishop’s daughter’s flaked on me the last minute. I went over to the patronado with a bag of books and games under my arms. It took another 20 minutes to roust up a key. Once inside, i began setting up the 18 new little plastic chairs and a new, round plastic table. I set the books out on the table. The second sign i made advertising the storytime was stolen again. So there was no advertising. I then opened the door so that people passing by could see me and the books inside. I spoke to a few kids on my way in and told them to come to storytime. Two kids came, then three or four more. I decided to start in and picked a story not to difficult to read and started in. Then the one daughter who flaked came in with her grandmother. I forgot that i had asked her to help too. She is a former school teacher so she knew just what to do. Meanwhile the granddauther once again left. These two girls are just too young to keep up the momentum of a weekly reading group. The grandmother was great and mixed up the books with some simple games to break it up. Then at the end out came the yoyo’s, slinkey’s, twister, etc. It was lucky it turned out this way because the grandmother will run it and i am going to pay her a small something every month to keep up her interest. The kids really seemed to enjoy themselves. We had less older boys too, which calmed things down. I feel good about the project and hope that it will continue. I am suppose to get together with a guy named Carlos and his wife. He is the young man whose story i am trying to get regarding melting down their ctr rings. They have wedding pictures to give me too. Hope we can team up later on today. Tomorrow, Eva, Bralin’s mother is traveling to Tegucigalpa to visit her mother. Bralin won’t be with her. She wants to try and see me. I just have to locate the dictionary for the deaf for Bralin. If i can just find the right contact here in Teg. Then Eva could take it back to him so he can start learning sign language. He is going to need that book for his classes anyway. I’ve been called to lunch. I think we are having beans and tortillas. What a Sunday dinner. Love to you all, Bonnie El